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Faux Fur Tail Butt Plugs

When you want a tail without the fur, we offer synthetic options!  These are 100% man-made and are a great substitute for real fur.  Available in a variety of colors, lengths and plug designs, choose the one that's right for you!

Made in the USA

Or Find one in real fur!

Real Fur Tail Butt Plugs: Real Fur Animal Tail Butt Plugs, Fox tail butt plugs, Tail Anal Plugs, Kitty Butt Plugs

Materials Available: Real Fur, Metal, Steel, Silicone

 Synthetic Fur Tail Butt Plugs, Kitty Butt Plugs, Tail Anal Plugs

Bunny Tail Butt Plugs: Synthetic and Real Fur Bunny Tail Butt Plugs

Materials Available: Faux Fur, Synthetic Fur, Metal, Steel, Silicone