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24" Stingy Colored Rattan Cane

24" Stingy Colored Rattan Cane

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Sometimes pretty meets with function as in the case of these canes.  3/8" width (approximately 7-9mm), these rattan canes measure 24" in length and come in a variety of colors.  Handles will vary from cane to cane.  These canes deliver a nice, sharp impact that will allow for great sensation during your impact play.

Please remember that these are rattan and therefore are not indestructible.  Hold lightly and allow the cane to do the work for you and you'll make them last!  Rattan can dry out over time so simply toss in the tub for 30 minutes once a month in dry climates to give them back their flexibility!  Rattan naturally curves, so if your bends in a toy bag, simply get it wet, tie it to a chair back to dry and it will straighten out again.  If you care for your cane, it will last for years.