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Neoprene Rubber Strop for Impact Play

Neoprene Rubber Strop for Impact Play

$ 49.99

These neoprene rubber spanking strop is not for the beginner!  Made of heavy industrial neoprene, this will maximize the effects of any spanking where a belt would be used.  When a belt isn't quite enough, this toy will make certain they don't forget the spanking in a hurry.

Toy measures 21 inches in overall length with a strop length of 15 inches and a strop width of 2.75 inches for full coverage.  (Please use caution as this toy may wrap if not used properly.)

Handle is hand-crafted wood with a comfortable grip.  Wood handles will vary as they are made from scrap wood (left over from our paddles).  If you have a preference for light or dark wood, please mention this in the order notes and we will attempt to grant your request however this is not guaranteed.  Please understand that the item you receive will NOT look exactly like the one in the photo and each piece will be unique.

If you are looking for a specific length, or width, please email us at and we can discuss customization.