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Rawhide Cane by Roger Patterson

Rawhide Cane by Roger Patterson

$ 30.00

If you've never owned one, you're missing out.  Hand-crafted, this rawhide cane is perfect for those who love highly flexible canes.  As long as you keep it away from your dog, this craftsmanship will last.  These canes vary in length ranging from approximately 20" to 30" with an approximate thickness of 1/4" near the tip.  Because of the hand-made nature of these, length and thickness will vary and we make no guarantee about the length of the cane you will receive beyond the assurance that will be within the range listed.

If you've ever met him, you know...Roger's a true craftsman and takes loving pride in his work.  Each piece is unique, hand-crafted wickedness.  The perfect balance of these canes make them fun to use.  

For use by consenting adults only.  All dimensions are approximate.   Due to the nature of these items, we cannot accept returns.