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Synthetic Hot Pink Faux Fur Kitty Tail Fox Tail Detachable Metal Butt Plug (MR)

Synthetic Hot Pink Faux Fur Kitty Tail Fox Tail Detachable Metal Butt Plug (MR)

$ 39.99

These hot pink faux fur tails are a great addition to your costume! Made of synthetic fabric with long fibers like real fur, they can be smoothed out or fluffed up to fit your style. Measuring approximately 16-18" in length (tail length only), these tails make a great alternative to real fur. 

Tails measure approximately 16-18" and overall length is determined by the plug size you choose! Tails are detachable from the plug for easy cleaning. We do recommend the use of water-based lubricant when wearing these tails for ease of cleaning should any fall onto the tail.


These are synthetic tails and can be bent when playing without breaking, however please treat your tail with care! Please grasp the base of the plug and not the tail, when removing from use. If you happen to pull too hard and detach your tail, remember, we strive for amazing customer service even AFTER the sale! We are happy to repair your tail for free, just pay shipping!  For more information on how to care for your tail, see our tail care instructions.

Plug Dimensions

Small Metal Plug:

Insertable length:2.75 inches
Diameter at widest point: 1.0 inches
Weight: 2.8 ounces

Medium Metal Plug:
Insertable length:3.5 inches
Diameter at widest point: 1.25 inches
Weight: 5.5 ounces

Large Metal Plug:
Insertable length:4.0 inches
Diameter at widest point: 1.5 inches
Weight: 10 ounces

Due to the nature of these items, we cannot accept returns. All dimensions are approximate and may vary +/- 1 inch.

For use of consenting adults. Please play responsibly.

All items are shipped in discreet packaging!