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The prostate is a significant erogenous zone for men.  Through prostate massage, men can experience intense and sustained non-ejaculatory full body orgasms, sometimes difficult to achieve through conventional penetration. Let us help you find the right toy for your needs!
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$ 85.99 $ 113.99
When it's time to start training, these steel toys are a perfect addition to your collection.  This is great for those just starting out who need to start small.  Dimensions: Small Tulip:Insertable length: 2.5 inchesDiameter at widest point: 1.0 inchesMedium Tulip:Insertable length: 3.0 inchesDiameter at widest point: 1.25 inchesLarge Tulip:Insertable...
$ 7.99
These balls are solid stainless steel and interchangeable with several items.  This listing is for the ball only.  Please review the dimensions below BEFORE purchase! Dimensions: 30mm diameter, 9 oz in weight, 3.7" circumference 32mm diameter, 10 oz in weight, 4.0" circumference 40mm diameter, 14 oz in weight, 4.9" circumference...
$ 15.00 $ 44.99
100% platinum cured medical grade silicone with an amazingly stretchy cock and ball ring that grips your manhood tight. The uniquely shaped anal plug arouses and stimulates as it moves inside with every motion. The sexy curved shaft and exclusive taint tickler provides maximum grip and pleasure. 100% Silicone Odorless...
Quick look
$ 19.99
Get 15% OFF when you buy all 4! Discount is added automatically to your shopping cart. These solid medical grade silicone anal plugs help you grow in your anal exploration.  These start where our other plugs leave off.  With suction cup bases for hands-free play, these toys are the gift that...
$ 14.99
Made of solid, medical grade silicone, these beads allow for a longer enjoyment time with their extra length.  Whether you enjoy the slow insertion or the rapid removal, these beads will intensify your sexual experience.  Great for those just starting out as the begin small and very gradually grow larger. Overall...
Quick look
$ 59.99 $ 79.99
This solid steel dildo is great for temperature play and creating that feeling of fullness you crave.  Weighing in at almost 3 pounds, this toy is definitely unique!  Dishwasher safe and safe to boil, this is the ultimate in hygienic toys and it's compatible with any type of lubricant.  Diameter...
Quick look
$ 49.99
This Crystal Glass Juicer dildo will really get you going!  With pleasure nubs and a handle to twist it for extra stimulation, this dildo is bound to bring sighs of ecstasy.  With a shorter insertable length, this toy won't go too deep and will hit just the right spot!  Great...
Quick look
$ 29.99 $ 39.99
These solid medical grade silicone puppy tails are soft and flexible.  Available in three sizes, these tails are the perfect compliment for your puppy play. Small: 1.25" diameter Medium: 2.0" diameter Large: 2.25" diameter All dimensions are approximate Please use water-based lubricant.  Silicone lubricant may damage your toys.
$ 40.00 $ 79.99
Great for reaching the prostate or g-spot, bend this 10-function vibrator to just the right angle with bumps and ridges for maximum sensation.  This is the perfect toy for those who really want to customize their toy.   ALL Orders Ship Discreetly! Made from Silicone with ABS trim. 6.89 in. length....
Quick look
$ 30.00 $ 59.99
The sleek new Duo Plugs are perfect for solo or couples play, opening up a new world of sensual delights. Powered by one touch control, it features single speed bullets for the best erotic experience. All Orders Ship Discreetly! Product Details ColorsBlack Materials Soft Silicone Measurements 1.2"L x 1.5"W x...
Quick look
$ 15.99 $ 21.99
  When you're just starting out, curious about what stimulating your prostate could mean...this soft, flexible silicone toy is for you.  Easy to insert and clean, use it during sex or masturbation to get the full effect.  Curved just a bit on the bottom, makes it easy to get extra...
Quick look
$ 29.99 $ 39.99
Looking for a way to spice things up?  Curious about what stimulating your ass could do for your sex life?...this soft, flexible silicone toy is for you.  Easy to insert and clean, use it during sex or masturbation to get the full effect.  Curved just a bit on the bottom, makes...
Quick look
$ 54.99 $ 79.99
All Orders Ship Discreetly! This chrome plated Anal Ball with Cock Ring has a ring around the cock and balls for an even harder and longer-lasting erection while the smooth chrome anal attachment is inserted for extra stimulation. Every thrust moves the ball in your ass creating an intense sensation....
Quick look
$ 19.99 $ 34.99
Solid medical grade silicone anal plug to help you grow in your anal exploration.  With a suction cup base for hands-free play, these toys are the gift that keeps on giving.  When you want to train for serious anal play, this kit is a great start to get you ready...
Quick look
$ 59.99 $ 74.99
This solid steel milking stick is great for temperature play and helping milk him when it's time.  The length and extra bulbous tip allows for easy maneuvering.  Weighing 1.5 pounds, this toy is definitely a must have for your toy bag!  Dishwasher safe and safe to boil, this is the...
Quick look
$ 59.99 $ 79.99
This stainless steel dildo is great for temperature play and creating that feeling of fullness you crave.  With tapered bulbs on one end, and a single bulb on the other, both ends are insertable.  Dishwasher safe and safe to boil, this is the ultimate in hygienic toys and it's compatible with...
Quick look
$ 47.99
This glass dildo is bent and ribbed for your pleasure!  Use the shorter bent end for anal play (it's the perfect length to reach the prostate) or vaginally to reach the g-spot.  Or use the ribbed end for additional sensation.  This blue glass dildo gives you two toys in one!...
Quick look
$ 44.99
When you're ready to move up to the next level, this glass prostate massager is the best!  Curved to just the right angle to hit the prostate and intensify your pleasure during masturbation or sex. All Orders Ship Discreetly! Dimensions:  approximately 1-5/8" diameter at widest point, with an insertable length of...
Quick look
$ 54.99 $ 69.99
This solid steel bead stick is great for temperature play and those who enjoy the sensation of anal beads yet don't want to be able to wiggle them out.  Weighing 1.5 pounds, this toy is definitely a must have for your toy bag!  Dishwasher safe and safe to boil, this...
Quick look
$ 54.99 $ 74.99
This stainless steel plug gives you the option to keep the core inside, adding weight and giving you a bondage point, or you can remove the core making the plug excellent for enema play.   Dimensions: Overall Length:  5 inches  Insertable Length: 3 3/8 inches Width at widest point: 1.5 inch...
Quick look
$ 40.99
Full-Feeling Silicone Butt Plug The Ryder plug is a good beginner toy. The Ryder has a gradual curve from the body to the neck of the plug, which means it will not shock the sphincter muscles going in or coming out, but will also give you that full feeling you require....
Quick look
$ 54.99
This stainless steel prostate plug is great for temperature play and creating more intense orgasms.  Dishwasher safe and safe to boil, this is the ultimate in hygienic toys and it's compatible with any type of lubricant.  Available in 3 Sizes Small : Total Length 4.25" x 2.25" Insertable x 1"...
$ 14.99
Great for those who are ready to explore the joys of anal and prostate play with a handy ring to use with rope or simply for removal. Made of non-porous Silicone, this toy is compatible with water-based lubricants and is easy to clean.   Dimensions: Length: 4.7 inches Insertable Length: 3.3 inches...
Quick look
$ 35.99
The Ripple Small is a great first plug. Its graduated design is starter size - smaller than a finger tip to start, and 1" across at the widest point. Safe For Your Body: Made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium SiliconeEasy To Clean: Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher...
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