Beginner's Silicone Prostate Stimulator for Anal Play
$ 17.00


When you're just starting out, curious about what stimulating your prostate could mean...this soft, flexible silicone toy is for you.  Easy to insert and clean, use it during sex or masturbation to get the full effect.  Curved just a bit on the bottom, makes it easy to get extra prostate stimulation every time you rock your hips, massaging the prostate through the perineum.  

Made of non-porous silicone, this toy is easy to clean.  Use only water-based lubricant!


Diameter at widest point: 7/8"; Narrowest Point: 3/8"

Insertable Length: 3.5"

All items ship discreetly.  For use by consenting adults only.  All measurements are approximate.