Carbon Fiber Impact Toy CBT or Nipple Play (2 sizes available)
$ 9.99

This little toy gives a great stinging impact.  Hold the handle firmly, pull back the tip a bit and let it fly for a different sensation.  Made of carbon fiber, we have sanded and rounded the rod to make it nice and smooth.  

Carbon fiber is not indestructible, so please use and store with care.  When pulling back the tip, do not pull back too far (2-3 inches is sufficient).  When storing, please make certain to store where it will not be bent in half as it will likely break.  

This toy is available in 2 sizes!  

12" long with 1/16" in diameter or 16" long with 1/8" diameter .  It's great for those sensitive areas that need a lot of attention.

All dimensions are approximate.  For use by consenting adults only.