Steel Sex Toys by The Kink Factory
Steel Sex Toys by The Kink Factory Steel Lollipop Plugs with Removable Ball for Anal Play
$ 34.99

These toys are solid stainless steel with a removable ball for cleaning and an easy to use T-handle for easy removal.  This item comes with your choice of one of two standard sizes.  Larger sizes may be purchased separately.

Balls are available in seven sizes and sold separately:

30mm diameter, 9.2 oz in weight

32mm diameter, 10.1 oz in weight (sold separately)

40mm diameter, 14.7 oz in weight

50mm diameter, 1lb 8.5oz in weight (sold separately)

60mm diameter, 2lb 4.1oz in weight (sold separately)

80mm diameter, 5 lb in weight (sold separately)

100mm diameter, 9lb 10.2 oz in weight (sold separately)

Balls are interchangeable between the following items:

Purchase extra balls in the above sizes HERE.

Steel Joy Butt Bruisers

Steel Lollipop Plug

Steel Anal Hook

Small Steel Lollipop

These toys can be boiled and are dishwasher safe.