Fun, Sensual, Sadistic BDSM Tools
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Butt Plugs and Anal Toys

We have something for everyone!  Whether you want a butt plug or an anal hook, or just a pretty tail, we have the butt play toys you need!  From beginner sizes to advanced, small and pretty to large and heavy...we have it!

Our Plugs are Assembled in the USA 

Jewel Butt Plugs: Metal and Silicone Jewel Butt Plugs, Anal Jewelry, Butt Bling, Jeweled Plugs

Materials Available: Metal, Steel, Silicone

Custom Butt Plugs: Custom Butt Plugs, Unique Designs, Add your text or image

Materials Available: Alloy, Silicone, Steel

Real Fur Tail Butt Plugs: Real Fur Animal Tail Butt Plugs, Fox tail butt plugs, Tail Anal Plugs, Kitty Butt Plugs

Materials Available: Real Fur, Metal, Steel, Silicone

Faux Fur Tail Butt Plugs: Synthetic Fur Tail Butt Plugs, Kitty Butt Plugs, Tail Anal Plugs

Materials Available: Faux Fur, Synthetic Fur, Metal, Steel, Silicone