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Tail Care Instructions

When you have the perfect tail, you want it to last!  


When removing the tail after use, please pull using the base of the plug and do NOT pull on the tail.  This may cause the tail to detach from the plug.  We HIGHLY recommend using a condom over the plug to keep excess lubricant from getting on the tail.  Water-based lubricant is recommended as it is easiest to clean and will not ruin the silicone plugs.  Please note that both the real and the synthetic fox tails will shed slightly and this is normal.  Gently brushing them prior to use will help minimize the shedding.

Real Fur Fox Tails:

Please understand that these are actual tails and as such, they are fragile.  Excessive bending or pulling can break your tail and it will not be able to be repaired.  To clean your tail, use a damp cloth and spot clean with soap and warm water, the brush gently once dry.  Do NOT submerge your tail as the weight of the water will likely cause your tail to break.  If you absolutely must wash the entire tail, please note that we do not recommend it, however you will be most successful in not ruining your tail if you gently squeeze the excess water from the tail and fully support the entire tail as you lay flat to dry.  Using a low-heat blow drier to dry the tail may help speed up the drying process, but do NOT hang your wet tail.  Once the tail is fully dry, gently brush to shape the fur.  

Storage: As these tails are fragile, store in a place where they will be safe from children and pets and will not be crushed.  We do not recommend hanging the tail, but if you must do so, hang by the plug and not the tail itself.

Real Fur Bunny Tails:

These may be gently washed with soap and warm water.  Once dry, brush gently to fluff.

Synthetic Tails:

As these are constructed of man-made materials, they may be washed and fully submerged, unlike the real fur tails.  Gently wring out the excess water and lay flat to dry.  Once dry, gently brush to fluff.

Tail Warranty:

Should your tail detach from the plug within the first 30 days of ownership, please contact us; we will happily repair your tail for free.  While we take the greatest care in making your tail, no system is 100% error-free.  Please follow all instructions for use and care.  But we do understand that mistakes happen, if you forget and pull on the tail and the plug detaches, we will repair your tail for free, you just pay shipping.  If you break your real fur tail due to misuse, it is not warrantied or repairable.  Please make certain that you take care when using your tail.